Publication - TV5 MONDE PLUS : "Futurologie - Episode 4 - Urban planning"


TV5 MONDE plus, the worldwide French-speaking platfom, just launched a new web-creation already acclaimed by critics: "FUTUROLOGIE", hosted by Léa Szulewicz .

The brief is simple: We are often told it was better before... but will it be worse after? Because there are 1 000 possible futures, "FUTUROLOGIE" sorts it out for you, in order to imagine an ecological and responsible tomorrow.

For episode 4, Léa Szulewicz consulted Manal Rachdi on the major theme that is urban planning. Discover the interview here

Publication - ARQUINE: The White Tree


Publication - BSMART TV: What future for the "city of tomorrow?" What are the priorities and future assets to develop for Smart Cities?


BSMART TV invited Manal Rachdi again on this February 18th. The theme of the interview was focused on smart cities.

Find the full interview here

Publication - Home Report 2021 - Zukunfts Institut


Publication - IDEAT : A green Babel in Creteil


With L'Arbre de vie, a 140-meter-high green tower, OXO Architects will endow the city of Val-de-Marne - with a seasoned urban planning commitment since the 1970s, with a new emblem.

Publication - BSMART TV: What will the city of tomorrow look like?


Last November, Manal Rachdi was a guest of Thomas Hugues on the set of SMART FUTUR, for a conversation around the topic: "what will the city of tomorrow look like?"

Access the full interview here

Publication - SIATI CONFERENCE: "The living: New paradigm of the city of tomorrow?"


We are honoured to have received the honourable mention of the SIATI 2020 Award: "The most innovative architecture" for our project "Oxigen"!

On this occasion, Irene Barguès, Oxigen's Project manager, participated on October 20 in the conference panel on the theme "The living: New paradigm of the city of tomorrow?"

Publication - GEO HORS-SERIE: Vertical landscape towers soon in our cities!


These new buildings that are disrupting our habitat are both oxygen producers and biodiversity refuges. For many architects, they represent a solution for the future.

Publication - WORKPLACE MAGAZINE: Under the trees, the beltway


"For me, nature is a no-brainer. It's not just an element related to architecture, it's a way of designing", says Manal Rachdi.

Publication - AMAZING ARCHITECTURE : L'arbre de vie, a mixed-used tower in France designed by OXO Architectes - Manal Rachdi


The team OXO Architectes associated with B&C France are delighted to announce that their project “L’Arbre de Vie”won the call for proposals launched by Grand Paris Sud-Est Avenir on the site Ilot Jacquard in Créteil, France.

Read the article online here

Publication - REAL ESTATE FRONTIER VOL.37: The White Tree


The team fully embraced the aims of Montpellier city council's competition. Their team effort led them to build L'Arbre Blanc, this beacon tower that city hall desired. "This project was ambitious in numerous respects. Number one: it was the first time a city had imposed a level of architectural quality..."

Publication - LE FIGARO MAGAZINE MEDITERRANEE : Room for innovation


"We can no longer afford to build buildings that are wasteful in terms of energy consumption. The climate emergency forces us to have a more innovative approach, to provide solutions for tomorrow." Manal Rachdi

Publication - BAUWELT :The Towers of France - Residential skyscrapers in Lyon, Montpellier and Grenoble


"Der Arbre Blanc ist ein Luxusobjekt, das steht ausser Frage. Unter dem Titel einer,, Folie'' ist das legitim."

Publication - L'ARCA INTERNATIONAL : Short: L'Arbre Blanc


"We envisaged a climatic form of architecture that blends in perfectly with its setting: climate, typography and the near/distant landscape", so Manal Rachdi (OXO Architectes) told us.

Publication - PARIS MATCH : Montpellier montre patte blanche


"Our approach is holistic, it takes into account the environment, sunlight, urban foothold, the relationship to the base..." says Manal Rachdi.

Publication - LE FIGARO : The tower, a new art of living together


"The symbiosis between architecture and nature seems very important to me, especially at a key moment in the existence of our planet. Biodiversity is essential for its survival. And architecture, if it integrates it, can participate in this conservation plan." Manal Rachdi

Publication - LE MONDE : "L'Arbre blanc, Montpellier's ultimate folly"


L'Arbre Blanc may well be situated, on the aesthetic level, at the antipodes of the purity of architectural modernism, it nevertheless answers to its credo: "form follows function". This is its elegance.

Publication - LES ECHOS : " City would be better and more pleasant with more mixed use buildings"


"The project Mille Arbres aims to combine architecture and vegetation but also to develop buildings mixing housing, work and entertainment."

Publication - LE POINT : "The architect of the biodiversity"


Manal Rachdi : "If only trees could produce wifi, we would plant more. What a shame, they just give oxigen."

Publication - PARIS MATCH : "The vegetal lung to help Paris breathing"


Milles Arbres : "The fact that the shape naturaly follows the site and allows place on the ground is not casual."

Publication - OXO Architectes won the competition for the transformation of the 3 Moulins in Antibes


OXO Architectes, Les Ateliers Jean Nouvel and the agency Foussat Bapt are glad to announce their winning for the competition about the 3 Moulins site in Antibes with their project Econtone Antibes.

Conducted by Compagnie de Phalsbourg and Codeurs et Compagnie, the project  will design the 21st century ecological campus.

The team followed by Jean Mus - landscaper - share three goals :

- Making Ecotone Antibes the main entrance and office symbol of Sophia Antipolis, 
- Creating a new kind of 21st century campus in France, 
- Establishing Ecotone Antibes as the excellence incarnation of biomimicry in south of France.

Surrounded by vegetation Ecotone Antibes will be composed of offices, hotel and services.

To get more information on the project come and meet us at the SIMI the 5th, 6th and 7th of December in Paris at the Palais des Congrès.

Publication - Une nouvelle vie pour les Studios de la Victorine


Séance de travail ce matin en présence de Mr le Maire de Nice, Christian Estrosi et le comité d'experts de la Victorine en vue de la définition du projet architectural et urbain des mythiques studios de cinéma de la Victorine à Nice.

Publication - Europe 1 : "The city and transportation of tomorrow"


"More publics spaces and places for people"

Publication - VARIETY : "La Victorine, Provence Studios Ally to Form France’s Biggest Studio Hub"


Studios de la Victorine : "The South of France is already a popular destination for film and TV shoots due to the breadth and diversity of its landscapes, mild weather and lesser costs than Paris..."

Publication - BATIACTU - "When nature inspires architecture and innovation"


The project Arbre Blanc has been published on the website of Batiactu in an article about nature's influence on cities design.

Publication - Capital - Spectacular construction


The project Arbre Blanc is part of the top 9 spectacular constructions by the magazine Capital.

Publication - L' Express : "Welcome to the cities from the futur"


" Let's forget about museum-cities even if it is shocking "

Publication - L'ARCA : Mille Arbres Project


Mille arbres with its town and it living forest suggest a brand new green skyline for Paris

Publication - Le Parisien - OXO taking over Le Grand Paris


Mille Arbres and Ecotone published in the famous Le Parisien about the operation Grand Paris

Publication - PARIS MATCH : "Bio-insipiration all over the creation"


" It's not science but a different approach"

Publication - L' Express : "100 Inspiring French"


" The passion and the perseverance "

Publication - France 2 : "The innovation of architecture through nature inspiration"


Culturebox " [...] Nowsaday  if they copy the nature it is not only for its aesthetic but also for its capacities."

Publication - AMC : Focus


The Arbre Blanc : "Architectural craziness"

Publication - Le Moniteur : "Ecotone a natural breath inside the city"


" Ecotone works a biotope, a living landscape."

Publication - Les Echos - Greening the city


Mille Arbres :  "to replace the boudary image of the parisian ring."

Publication - Europe 1 : " What if we'd made the city more green?"


Manal Rachdi : "To create a quality lifestyle for people."

Publication - LE POINT : " In Ardennes, an educational paddy field"


Jean Moulin High School : "[...] literally grafting educational buildings to the side of mountains."

Publication - Le Monde : "Around the parisian ring, new activity centers ermerge"


"It is an absolute necessity to lind Paris to its suburb."

Publication - 01NET : Liveable tunnel near the Arctic


Détroit de Béring : "Bering Strait will surely be crucial in the futur." 

Publication - M Le Monde : " Manal Rachdi sees the city in green"


"Nature is not only an aesthetic composant but an architectural element."

Publication - ARTRAVEL : Daring and Visionary


" Vertical city will be the city of tomorrow."

Publication - LE POINT : " The crossing buildings of Paris"


Mille Arbres : "A living forest, symbol of urban density linked to surburb."

Publication - Aujourd'hui en France : "Those project wich will change the face of Paris"


"Ce Paris futuriste va vous surprendre."

Publication - Le Monde : " Twenty shades of green for the French capital"


Mille Arbres : " If we succed, the Parisians will not see the ring the same way from now."

Publication - Liberation : "Paris gives 22 cartes blanches to imagination"


Mille Arbres : "A village on the ring"